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Laser Therapy for Pain Management

The Pain Management Clinic offers pain relief treatments with our state-of-the–art Low Level Laser Therapy, effective in managing short and long-term pain, without the need for surgery or medication.

We provide non-invasive laser therapy for healing and pain relief

Pain Management Clinic Tas features state-of-the-art facilities and Low Level Laser technology to manage symptoms of pain. Pain Management Clinic treats chronic pain, short-term pain, back & neck pain, sporting injuries, workplace injuries and tissue regeneration concerns, including scars and burns. Many patients choose laser therapy as it is a pain free, surgery free and drug free alternative for relief of pain and inflammation.

Keep in mind, everyone’s body reacts differently—so you should always consult a professional to ensure laser therapy is the best treatment for you.

Why choose Pain Management Clinic in Launceston

The effectiveness of laser treatment depends on a number of factors, particularly the experience of the practitioner applying the treatment.

The highly experienced practitioners at Pain Management Clinic Tas have undergone extensive training to understand and correctly diagnose the most effective treatment course for each patient.

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What people have to say about us

I thank you for relieving me of considerable pain in my ankle due to a heal bone spur. The pain was excruciatingly severe and required prescription anti-inflammatory drugs.

My GP suggested I see you to see how the ankle/foot pain would be affected by laser therapy which you were able to administer. I must admit I was skeptical, but thought I would give it a go, as nothing else helped.

I had two sessions of low intensity therapy, each lasting about half an hour. The treatment was noninvasive and quite pleasant. Following the first session, my pain and limp did not alter very much, following the second session the pain slowly over a period of two weeks lessened and to my surprise and delight completely vanished.

I can advise I have been free of pain now for three or more months with no hint of a return of the debilitating painful condition.

I am most grateful to you for your expert treatment when it seemed only medication or surgery with an unsure outcome were the options.

Thanks again, my best wishes,
Felix Goldschmied

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